Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sunday sow-ing, no, it's not a typo!

Sorry but it's too dark now to run out and take a photo and I was too busy 'enjoying the moment' to take one earlier today. You see, today the 'Three little pigs' came to live out our house. It's a bit of a tease to tell you how very cute they are without showing you a photo, but maybe that will make you come back another time!
No Sunday sewing today (got abit distracted), I had plans to cut out some shorts for me- after putting my hand in the pocket of the ones I had on and putting my hand straight through- it was rather threadbare.
Cheryl and some of her family came for dinner though and 3 out of 4 vegies were home-grown, which is always nice- we had sautéed pumpkin slices, cauliflower with grated cheese and blanched snow peas and I used sage, chives and parsley in the chicken scaloppine dish that I made. How could I nearly forget- the other garden brag is that today we picked our first cherries. The taste of summer!

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  1. You have a cherry tree! I dream of cherry picking. We went a few times as a child to a cherry orchard and picked and ate and preserved cherries to eat all summer long. Cherry bliss!


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