Monday, November 9, 2009

The three little pigs

Well, I think they are cute, anyway! I got up early to take photos to show you, now I smell like pigs and my Monday morning routine is ummm, slightly delayed AND I smell like pigs. Okay, shower and get ready for work whilst encouraging the youngsters to organise their own school lunch!


  1. I HEART these piggies! I just want to cuddle them, dress them up in bonnets and tuck them into bed. Is that wrong?? :-)

  2. Love the little piggies! Especially the spottiest one.

  3. Our whole family have been sitting here ogling your piggies. They are sooooo cute. We want piggies now.

  4. I love the spotty pig also. Not sure though I would want to smell like pigs though? They are supposed to be very clever pigs? Are yours?

    I have put a link back to your blog on my Monday post,

    Gill in Canada

  5. Oh they ARE ADORABLE! We saw some piggies at the show but they weren't nearly as cute (just the boring run of the mill everyday pink kind) & they were quite possibly heat stuck & snoring...

    The one in the first picture is my absoloute favourite... I will NOT be showing these to my Boy, he already wants a pig as it is & this would be the last straw... ;)

  6. Oh supercute piggies!!
    I would be late too ;)


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