Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Fabric- in and used in one day!

Amazing- fabric that didn't even make it into my stash. It arrived in the post, when I had ordered it I knew specifically what it was for, so got straight onto it. Canvases, my new favourite instant decorating thingo.

The range is Full Bloom by Bari. J Ackerman
It's strange because I really like the pink (don't think my photo does it justice) and I am not sure about the yellow, but I love teapots and cups and thought (and still think) these three canvases will really cheer up my crafty space.
I will hang them next to each other, but not this close together, that was just for the benefit of the photo opportunity!

Other hot day craft (had to move my sewing machine into the kitchen yesterday!)

Thanks to this tutorial
Baby Alive (circa 1977) has a new dress and she looks pretty excited about it too!! Thanks Deb


  1. She looks so cute. Well done you! Wasn't it just the easiest??

  2. Love the canvases!! I have just done the same with some Kaffe Fasset fabric - it is a gerat way to show off your stash!

  3. Oh, that bird fabric has caught my eye a few times but hasn't yet (sadly) made it to my stash! Love fabric canvases.

  4. I love to make fabric canvasses to! I did some for our company office a few months back and my boss loved them!

  5. Oh it's not very often fabric doesn't even make it to the stash...! Bravo for your enthusiasm! They look awesome.

  6. Great idea to cover canvases with gorgeous fabric. It is much better to have it out on view to see and enjoy than hiding in your stash.

    And yes, Baby Alive does look very excited!


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