Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Simplicity dress

Simplicity dress
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After going through my daughters Summer clothes today I realised how much she has grown this past year! Results- bags packed to send to the local oppy and reasonably empty drawers- yey, I get to sew things that are really needed (as opposed to creating a whole lot of things that I just like the idea of but really (if I am honest) add to a cluttered enough wardrobe.

This is what I was dressed in at her age! I think it could have something, although I am not too sure about the knee high 'mustard' socks. And, lucky for me, there are more treasures in my mum's pattern stash (which would be even better for me if I was a size 10...)


  1. I love that pattern!
    But it's hard to see 10year olds wearing it today.
    they grow up quicker now i think??

  2. My girl is 7 and yes, they do seem to grow up faster I reckon. But, for some unknown reason, which I am not complaining about she has a growing appreciation of clothes I make for her. If I make this, I wont make it as a pinafore, but will keep the shape of the dress and I think she would wear it- if she chooses the fabric- I will keep you posted!


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