Saturday, September 19, 2009

The herb garden

I love to use herbs in cooking and for teas, I don't like buying fresh bunches- who knows how long it's been since they were picked and made their way up to my lovely part of Victoria (not to mention the price).
I have had herb gardens in the past, and I really like the idea. It's been something that I have been 'gunna' do for a while now. While I was nearly asleep lying on the ground in the sunshine today my friend said 'what are you doing with those pots of herbs'...' "gunna" plant them' (they've been there for a while, a cutting here and there from other peoples gardens and some picked up from farmers markets in winter. "Well, where's your shovel"...
Not much later and I have the initial stages of a lovely herb garden. The bed was already prepared and I had already planted the lavender hedge, just needed to get going with the next planting. Done- thanks Carolyn!
I will show you a photo when it's grown abit!

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