Thursday, June 3, 2010

Vegetarians wont be interested in this one...

Oh, I have started this post a few times now but then I get all lost in words. So I have promised to keep it simple and not get all intense. If you've been visiting me for  awhile, you'll know we got pigs last year.
We didn't get them because they were cute (although they were). We got them to raise for meat. You see, we eat meat and are quite keen on knowing where our meat comes from. It's a self sufficiency and personal responsibility thing. Our pigs had a good life, I reckon, running madly round our paddocks for most of their life, drinking boidynamic milk, home grown vegies, grains. They didn't have to go to the (horrible) abbatoir to be killed. The mobile butcher came and all that going from pig to pork meat happened at home.
We appreciate the lives of our pigs and are thankful for good, decent meat.


  1. that's amazing! how did the kids handle it?

  2. I really, really wish I could experience the same thing. As a reality check. I eat meat. And I believe it's ok (spiritually! ethically!) to eat meat - BUT only like this.

  3. I grew up on home-reared meat, and I think if more people did, we'd all have a healthier respect for the meals we eat. I'd be happier to know I was eating something raised humanely and fed well than the who-knows-what in the supermarket.

  4. I totally agree with Nikki as I was raised on a farm and on home-reared meat as well.

    I do remember helping my Dad by steering the tractor around the paddock for him while he fed out hay and collected the bull calves to be taken to the works. When I asked where the little calves were going, I drove the tractor through the fence as I was crying too much at the answer! (I still eat veal sometimes though...)

  5. Yum!
    Good on you for giving them a great life. I'm more than happy to help eat the crackling!!!

  6. Joel says that the animals on his farm have the best lives but they just have one bad day. I reckon its the same with your piggies. Wish I could do it for my meat eaters and for our compost and soil, but I can't. He's back in America but will be out here again in November.

  7. Good on you Tanya. I buy whole lambs from a farmer chick friend of mine who has the mobile butcher come to her farm, and I'm buying a side of beef this week from my friend's brother. I much prefer knowing where my meat comes from, and knowing the animals have had a good life and a humane end. The beef and lamb we get are kept locally which I like too.


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