Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The fruits of our labour. Oh, and the winner!

 It's our busiest time of the year. 
This week has been 'tree digging week' and we are off to our first market for the year this weekend. 
Mansfield- pop in and say hi if you're around!

 Hooray for the fact that the strawberries are still hanging on, can't have too many strawberries, ever, I don't think.

Now, I don't mind sharing but don't you think someone is being a bit greedy here?
Or-  see, we really are organic!


Picked and eaten all within 3 minutes. That's seasonal, that's local, that's delicious.
That's great.

So that's a brief farm whip around. Now, hmm, what was that other thing I was going to blog about tonight? Sometimes I just lose my train of thought. Oh well, it will come back to me.

Oh yeah (wink- I was just 'gaggin ya')- the giveaway winner.

Sally promising  to cross her fingers and toes  must have worked because her lucky number came up. Lucky you Sally, hopefully Australia Post will do us proud and you will have it on Friday.
That's it, my first giveaway is over. I got a record number of comments- hooray for you lot. After much anticipation about how I would randomly select my winners number I must boringly admit to googling a random number generator and plugging the parameters in. Sal's number came up
(yes, I left in everyone's number, including Sally - who left this comment on my previous post)
"So sorry to hear that your son barracks for a team that wears the colours of wee & poo (can you sense I'm a swans supporter???)"
Cheeky or what? So that was generous and forgiving of me, wasn't it?! I didn't exclude anyone on the basis of race, age, team!
If you haven't met Sally or her blog pop on over and say hello. She's an interesting lass!

Now I feel abit post giveaway disappointment- I loved reading your comments and I want to give you all a prize. I'm not going to- but I will have another giveaway at some stage because I found it quite a nice thing to do.


  1. YAY for me!!! I had the best day today ... and it all started reading your email this morning. Despite having colds and being tired and miserable my two children were both darlings all day. It was fantastic!!!
    I credit it all to you :)

  2. Yay indeed for you Sally :-)

    We are eating som any strawberries here at teh moment I am beginning to think I see my children developing a piny red hue to their skin!

  3. Congratulations Sally, you lucky thing!

    Tanya I love that pic of the strawberry with the bite out of it, it looks like a picture from the book 'Apple Mouse', have you seen it?

  4. Yay for Sal, she's a great chick - for a Swans supporter!
    That apple looks good - maybe I should replace my now gone apricot tree with an apple tree???
    Advice from a fruit tree grower greatly appreciated!

  5. Hello Tanya! As soon as I hung up the phone I thought that we should really come to you. Mr Thornberry would love to talk fruit trees as well. I don't have your phone number though! Please give me a call back if you get this email so I can get your address.

    Love Lara

  6. Those strawbs look yum. Lucky you didn't find half the muncher after taking a bite... ;o)


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