Tuesday, June 15, 2010

5 minutes of fame

Cam had the Gardening editor of The Age newspaper ring last week. He chatted to her and told me about it later when I got home. "oooh, how exciting. What's she writing". "Don't really know, forgot to ask" (fair enough, it's not every day 'the media' come calling!). 
Off we went to the first market of the year (Mansfield). I remembered how intense it is and physically draining while also being fun. 
Drove home- the small one and I slept a bit of the way, my lovely mum had offered to cook us dinner (hooray for my mum!). My parents get the weekend paper and as we were about to have dinner, I suddenly remembered "Cam, I wonder if you are in the paper today?" (really expecting not to be!). And there he was,well his name, anyway and a big article on Heritage varieties of fruit trees. I haven't even got a copy to scan and show you- but page 12 of the A2 section if you have Saturdays Age!
As well as the business reference, it's really nice to see 'air time' given to something you are passionate about. Yes, people, there are more than the say, 5, varities of apples you regularly see in the supermarket. They may not store in a cool room for 12 months well but do you really want them to? They taste unreal, texture is great, the are fresh and yummy and not that hard to whack one in your back yard. Okay, enough about fruit trees!
The crafty girls came round last night. I really need to reinforce 'the curfew' (I like my sleep)- I didn't look at the clock till after they had gone and it was near midnight- ahh, pumpkin hour.
Amidst the talking I did get these two done.

The car applique is Kellie's design- featured in the current edition of Homespun. I thought I would start small!
I did a purple one too, because I don't know yet if 'Spanner' (my cousin's still in utero baby) is a boy or a girl- hopefully will find out any day now! It's okay, I am not spoiling, she doesn't read my blog! I think I might add a stem to the flower.


  1. Well done on getting in the Age. Just had a read. Didn't realise you lived that close by. Cute singlets too.

  2. well done on the 5 minutes of fame Tanya. well done for having such a passion & for getting it out there!!!
    keep doing what you do, you are an inspiartion.

  3. Excellent. Sounds like a well-deserved five minutes, if you ask me. Feel free to spout on about heritage fruit trees all you like. This family is currently eating through forty apples a week. The kids are beginning to fancy themselves as quite the apple connoisseurs.

  4. That's awesome. And I'm totally not surprised that Cam forgot to ask - haha!

  5. Congrats on the mention in The Age. I've been working on DH for ages about getting some of your trees I'll just have to go ahead and order and then by the time we actually get them (pistachios) he should be ready for them :). I was so hoping to make it to Mansfield this weekend as I owe my sis a visit but alas it wasn't to be and we ended up in Shep instead, go figure.

  6. Wow - I read that article, and dreamed about planting some trees one day when we have a backyard with less concrete and more dirt (sigh...).
    Congrats on getting some acknowledgement of your passion!

  7. Wish I'd had the paper! Oh well. I love your applique work. Is Spanner so named because they were, well, one in the works?! Funny.

  8. Just found your blog and really enjoyed scrolling thru it!

  9. Well...I must say, that these two shirts are absolutely AWESOME! I bet you feel it was well worth staying up past pumpkin time...I'm there now...but do not have anything nearly as cute to show for it. :)

  10. That is such fantastic news. I love apples... one day I hope to grow my own. It would be so lovely to step outside and pick one from the tree. We have an orange tree and at the moment we're drowning in oranges - and whilst OJ is alright I'd much rather be biting into a crisp apple.


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