Friday, June 4, 2010

The Aussie in me.

I wrote that post title about half an hour ago. Then thought of that song that goes 'the monkey in me, makes me want to do it, the monkey in me makes me want to chew it' (anyone know it?). Being the modern girl I am (!), I google it. 
Oh, my gosh, there goes half and hour (well not quite, but it would be very easy to get lost forever on YouTube). Who knew that someone has been bothered putting up loads of old Young Talent Time clips (bear with me if you are under- what?- 35?)
I was 9 years old again. Watching, I admit through slightly less rose coloured glasses, as 'the kids' covered songs from 'the top of the hit parade' while skipping and dancing and oh- all that smiling! How I loved spending my (Sunday I think) nights watching that show wishing I could be one of them! Anyway, I digress.

The Aussie in me. Culturally we have a tendency to be abit self- effacing, negative even, about our skills, talents and abilities. Plagued with self criticism and self doubt, unable to accept a compliment with 'yes, I am rather brilliant, aren't I'.
Crafters- an example;
COMPLIMENTER 'great quilt/ dress (whatever) you have made there' 
COMPLIMENTEE 'ahh, but don't look to closely at the stitching, seams, quilting (whatever).
Subtext: it's not quite good enough.

With a thick Brittish accent 'Leave off' of yourselves a bit, would you.
I am trying to. It's much nicer! It will take some practice.

So, where has this come from. Well, I have heard myself telling people alot lately, 'no, I can't knit, I am left handed, no one could teach me, oh, I have tried...' Then I found this.

  I am not suggesting major knitting skill base required. But, this is knitting. I can knit. Once I remembered that, I remembered a few other things too, like this.

After that reminder and confidence boost I have something on the sticks again. A twirly whirly scarf. 

Something to do at Auskick (well I just wanted to mention Auskick because my 9 year old got to play on the MCG on Sunday in a 'little league' game. Swans versus Hawks (just a lucky fluke because he is a Hawks supporter). The funny thing was he had to dress up in the Swans colours (go number 11!)


  1. Hope your little bloke loved the MCG! Mine ran out last year and was beside himself. Still raves about it! We've now hit under 9's "real" footy. Earlier, colder, longer but he loves it! Must remember the gloves & scarf on Sunday. Knitting sounds like a good idea. Can that be done with gloves on?

  2. At the risk of letting loose the American cultural imperialist that I feel sure resdies deep inside me somewhere - 'Yes you can!'.

    Woohoo! Go #11.

  3. Go Swanish Hawks!
    We are all a bit too hard on ourselves. Maybe we need a 'pat yourself on the back' day.
    Well done you knitter, you.

  4. So sorry to hear that your son barracks for a team that wears the colours of wee & poo (can you sense I'm a swans supporter???) but YAY for playing @ the MCG!!! What an awesome experience! ACE!!! Was he nervous? I'd have been pooing my pants if it was me playing on such a large stage. How exciting. Were you yelling and shouting encouragement from the side lines???

    I love the observations you've made about compliments/ being self effacing etc. It is hard to accept compliments isn't it? Negative self-talk has had a strong place in my mind for too long... but over the past twelve months or so I have really being making large efforts to re-train myself. It is hard work but I want this for my children who I know are learning from me all the time.

  5. Wow! The G! Well done little apple & tangerine, how super exciting! And yay for big a & g too, looks like you are quite the knitter. Hope you are having a happy weekend xo

  6. You are so right - that's exactly the sort of thing that I hear myself and lots of others say!
    Or I fob it off with a comment like "oh sewing keeps me sane' rather than acknowledging the compliment. OK will try harder I promise.
    How exciting for your little guy/you!
    Shame he had to wear the stinky colours of Sal's team!


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