Friday, July 2, 2010

Grandmother Bernina and Granddaughter Bernina

Del and I had a bit of a sew last week. She lugged (it's quite heavy) her machine over from Bendigo and we stayed up far too late- very fun at the time! It's the machine she learnt to sew on- which I think is pretty great. She has just had a couple of things tweaked on it and I tell you, it's nice. 

As in life, there is wisdom with the elderly- this Bernina record (from the 70's I think), is solid, gutsy, smooth and beautifully all mechanical. 
I do very much love and appreciate my clever more recent Bernina but I think it pays to respect our elders and remember that 'out with the old, in with the new', doesn't always ring true- you could miss something fantastic!


  1. Yay, Berninas unite!!
    I have mum's 801 and I love it!
    Just went in for a new motor however :(
    but I want to keep the old girl running smoothly, she's a gem.

  2. Oh yeah - gotta love a Bernina. I have two oldies and one newie and they're all good machines. The new one just has more bells and whistles.

  3. aww, the pictures aren't showing up :(

  4. I just wanted to say Happy Birthday as it seems I missed it? Hope it was great - love you!

  5. Not sure what the old Bernina was (no pics) but I have a couple of old ones that I've picked up from op shops (still looking for the exact same one I learnt to sew on). They are so straight forward & solid.

    I have always wondered what a newer version would be like (I have a newer Janome that I use for buttonholing & a few other things....because I have the feet for it!)


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