Thursday, April 15, 2010

Construction zone

I think I am getting addicted. I am sewing. A lot. I am choosing sewing over sleep. Not like me. I have got LOTS of projects going on at the moment. 
Including this- I won this pattern from Toni (thanks Toni)

Cool cap and bag. Before it arrived in the mail I found some great fabric and stood in my 'local' wondering how much I would need...I went with 50 cm. Got home, the pattern had arrived and BINGO, 50 cms it is.
So, I have taken great care, cutting it out, not trying to do a rush job, even spent time matching dots and stripes, which I haven't done before. Done some lovely top stitching (if you ask me!)

And then- LOOK- I've put the vespas upside down.

Yep, shoulders sink. I don't even think it was because I wasn't paying attention to detail, i think it was because i was visualising the way the pieces went wrong. Okay- it was a little bit late and probably at a time when I should not have been sacrificing sleep for sewing. But I press on. I was encouraged by Soozs when I read this this morning.  I will learn from this mistake (don't use directional fabric- see dilemma with red cord a few posts ago! Which, by the way, has been rectified, involved unpicking and resewing but me and that project are mates again and it's coming along swimmingly, thanks for asking).

Very soon I will show you my fantastic (finished)  cap, carefully crafted, with the funky feature of upside down scooters!


  1. Well it does look very cool anyway, jaunty in fact! I'm so bad at being directional with fabric... scary. I did something similar recently, visualising the piece wrong and cutting it out in reverse so the wrong side was up when it came to sewing. Dang!

  2. Bummer, but still looks very cool!
    Have done the same thing but was cutting out letters and did them back to front (what a dill). Too tired and a little bit brain dead on that particular day. The kids loved the "scraps".
    Looking forward to seeing the finished cap.

  3. I'm hearing you. I very carefully cut out and sewed up a fiddly pin cushion today (for the 2nd attempt) and nearing the finish line, mucked it up in spectacular and irretrievable fashion :P Frustrating when you are aiming for the perfect project but it does keep life interesting (and the blood pressure up lol)

  4. heehee, that's kinda my trademark, I always have something upside down! keeps em guessing....

  5. Don't you just hate it when that happens - really takes the wind out of your sails for a moment.
    It is going to look great though - excellent fabric and very impressive top-stitching!

  6. Sigh. Directional fabric. Amy has a really lovely dress that's covered all over with upside down apples. Don't ask. Currently sewing a coat with nap and have had to spend a complete bucket load of my time checking and re checking that I have the nap facing the right way. NEVER again! I am saving directional fabric for much easier projects in future!! Good luck pressing on.


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