Sunday, April 18, 2010

Busy bees

Yes, our bees have been busy, as have we today. 
We extracted the honey from the hives (two hives). We got about 28kg's we reckon, which is the most we have got in one haul before, that was from 17 frames. 
We will share this honey with a great family who are our partners in beekeeping. Regretfully they couldn't be here today (I say regretfully because-at the risk of sounding really slack- it meant I really had to pull my weight and I really felt like I was butchering some of those frames as I was taking the wax caps off with a hot knife). 
 This is one of the frames before 'capping'.

 Our friends (the partners in beekeeping!) came over (from Bendigo) last weekend thinking the bees might get a look in, but it was too overcast- which means not a good day to get honey because the bees aren't out and about, they are hanging around the hive. 
No one got stung in the process today, which is not a given...


Still lids to put on and a tiny bit left to bottle.


  1. Yum!
    We are about to do ours in the next few weeks but are searching for some equipment as the gear we used last year was borrowed. Where did you get yours from? Any hints on where to buy some?

  2. ohh Tanya! I love, love , love honey.
    mmmm, what a great post & pics, I have to show my little one the pics in the morning.

  3. That's so neat that you keep bees!

  4. Everything you guys do sounds so exotic to me... Bee keeping, awesome! Looks like a bit of hard work but oh, so delicious. How long will 8 ish kgs last you guys? Do you use it all or trade it? I'm fascinated ...

  5. Oh wow, that is tres cool. I want some honey... not so much the bees though lol.

  6. Oh, wow! So much honey... I've been pretending to myself that I would have the oomph to keep bees. Too much work for just myself, I think, but how fantastic!

  7. liquid gold. yummo.
    very industrious of yourself!
    xx Amy

  8. I find that all so amazing. It will definitely add some sunshine to those winter days heading our way. :)

  9. hey honey - (!)
    I've misplaced your address for my giveaway - boxed and ready to post - can you please send it to me again?
    xx have a happy day...

  10. Wow - does look like you've worked really really hard. Golden reward though.


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