Monday, April 5, 2010

The green line!

Inspired by Cam I have been 'banishing the beige'. 


Being a large sort of person, I often don't have the gem picks of the op shops that smaller people do.  I am happy now to have a friend who is a simliar size to me, who much to my puzzlement (and benefit) chucks out clothes semi regularly (she apparently gets bored). 
On the weekend I scored this top (above), which I like but don't really go in for wearing 'cream'- I am pale enough already. I bought some dye awhile ago (for my tea towel swap but the dying of tea towels regretfully never eventuated- I say regretfully because I dyed some spare 'blanks' I had and they turned out amazing. Sorry if any of my swapees are reading this and wondering what could have been).
At the time I was drawn in by the 'one easy step' promise. I really wasn't sure about doing it in my very precious million dollar (not really) front loader- but the ease won over the concern about machine ramifications. So in went 1kg of fabric (2 shirts, a whilte singlet, white t shirt and 3 linen tea towels), with the 'dissolvable' dye packet and 1 cup of soap. I set it to a 95 degee cycle (well, it said the hottest) and a couple of hours latter look what was on my line...and my machine is still fully functional with no hint of green remaining. What fun.

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  1. Wow what a difference! Don't you just love how they all come out in a slightly different shade of green?
    I'm very glad to hear that the front loader survived with no problems. I have heard that it's best to put through a dark load for the first wash after dyeing though, just in case!

  2. love that color! Have you ever considered combining clothes from the op shop into new clothes? I met this girl once who bought 3 different woolen jumpers, cut them into pieces, and combined them together to make a dress - it was amazing!

  3. Oh WOW Tanya, I'm greeeeeen with envy (well, admiration actually). Love that colour so much. I have some black dye to do some over-dyeing of faded garments but have not got around to it yet. Pathetic. I'll get on with it!


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