Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Eating seasonally

Just thought I'd pop in here to write abit as I process my thoughts about seasonal eating. 
We grow most of our own vegies and a reasonable about of our meat. We have a wide selection of fruit and vegies. We are very rich in this sense. 
At the moment we have apples, pears, the last of the plums, we still have a few berries, carrots, silverbeet, beetroots, capsicum, spring onions, onions, garlic, potatoes, tomatoes, variety of herbs, lettuce. I am sure I have missed some things. 
We swap vegies for raw biodynamic cows milk, we have fresh eggs,
So- answer me...why do I want to buy pineapple, bananas, oranges (when we don't even eat all of ours when they are in season), Grapes- again, we had ample to share over summer.
I feel like I don't appreciate the things we have in abundance and want the nice shiny 'other things' that are in the shops. Our food is real food, why would anyone want to buy other stuff when they have access to such good stuff? I am open to your thoughts and suggestions...


  1. maybe you need to preserve your pineapples and oranges somehow?! Juice them and freeze them? Since my seasons are completely mixed up, I never know what's in season when!

  2. Maybe you need some vitamin C? Or maybe you just want what you can't have, like the rest of us... :)

  3. I've been musing this one over since you posted Tanya. I do think we're so very spoilt in this day and age (and country) and we are very used to getting what we want when we want it. Our culture is consumer-driven and that is the way it's set up now.

    The difficulty is that, while it is now being recognised that seasonal growing and eating (rather than production/import-on-demand)is a better choice (for health, environment, economics, etc etc), the choice to change is still left in the hand of the consumer (US!). And it's HARD to constantly be choosing to refrain from things when they are on offer all the time. Would be far easier in a day and age when seasonal eating was not just a self-righteous choice, it was the only option.

    I so love the idea of being able to grow my own stuff, barter it and so forth. But I suspect I idealise it and would struggle with the exact same issue as you do. Because I'm used to exercising my 'right' to whatever I want whenever I want it!

  4. I think it's because that's what we grew up with and it's hard to resist... Also, you get tired of eating what's in the garden sometimes. Don't feel bad about it though!

  5. I am up to my eyeballs envious in all your fresh food growing and bartering. Well done for all the work and nurturing that must take. Now how about a bit of going easy on yourself? Is there any legs in the theory that if you don't deny, that you won't want. (I suspect I am applying chocolate theories here too). Does an occasional pineapple satisfy the craving so you can get on with consuming all the other homegrown goodness in the meanwhile?

  6. That's a tricky one that takes a bit of consideration - and I think it's because we are creatures of habit. The good thing about a habit is that it is something that you can break if you feel the need.

    Don't beat yourself up - you do much more than the average Joe about keeping yourself nourished well.

    Especially the raw milk!

    xx Amy
    Oh - and by the way - YOU WON MY GIVEAWAY!
    email me your deets.

  7. Tanya I love that you are so self sufficient with so many products in your life, that is something you should be very proud of.
    so what if you crave something that is out of season, I mean sometimes we just want what we don't have.
    if you are craving it so be it, enjoy it.
    you do alot for our planet & I don't think you are being unreasonable, enjoy it.
    hope you are having a beautiful day


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