Thursday, February 18, 2010


"Stimulation of the mind or emotions to a high level of feeling or activity"- okay, so that's what i have been doing lately as I read others blogs happily whilst not draggng my sewing machine out (STILL organising cupboards and craft space). Getting inspriration! (that would be stimulating the feelings rather than being spurred into activity).

I was trying to explain blogs to my friend this morning and I found myself becoming all passionate and animated- like that feeling when you have two friends that you think would like each other but they haven't met. There's this one and this one, and she's really friendly (funny, clever-whatever) oh, and I think you would really like her! Then my friend said 'but how do you know about them', which I was thinking about and laughed and said, well, often word of mouth really- someone will link to someone elses blog and of course the 'blog roll' thing. So- I just wanted to say thanks to you bloggers who I read for introducing me to your friends. I do like lots of them!
I have got things to 'show and tell' but just no photos yet, there's the 'something for me' January challenge from Carolyn (okay, punctuality isn't my strong point), my quilt for Cheryl's 40th, and a ridiculous amount of cut out projects which don't require much time to finish... so come back again, wont you!


  1. Thats so funny. I know what its like trying to educate non bloggers about blogs. I've converted a couple and they love it but it takes a bit of explaining.

  2. I giggled at your post Tanya. I know how you feel. I still feel weird when someone says "you met online?", as if only crazy people do that!

    It has been lovely to meet you and I look forward to some show and tell...

  3. I love the definition of inspiration. But often for me it doesn't result in action, just lots of feeling. Still, it is wonderful to be inspired.

  4. My sister and other blogging friends tried to get me to set up a blog for ages and I just didn't get what all the fuss was about. Now I'm in it I love it but my husband thinks its hilarious. He is constantly laughing at me when I call my blogging friends 'friends'.
    Your new quilt is gorgeous. I love the wavey border and to me a non quilter it looks perfect.


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