Saturday, February 6, 2010

The energy crisis

 I have been feeling like this.

Doing abit of this

Hopefully working up to abit of this.

Okay, not 'the' energy crisis. My energy crisis. I don't have as much energy as I would like. Gee, it frustrates me, I have lots and lots of ideas about the things I want to do and achieve and then I find myself heading off for a nap and end up  just dreaming about them.

It's been that way for quite a few years now, and some times are worse than others. My health is effected by the weather changes, I seem to get sore and fatigued with changeable weather- which has been this week (no, really, I am not complaining about the rain- it was fantastic). Often, (largely I would hope) I am okay at managing it and working with it, but every now and then I get thrown- like the past few weeks- so now I am playing catch up and chasing my tail and (thankfully) settling back into routine.

Some friends are great at 'getting' this - they are the no pressure, no expectations supportive types, like the newly 40 year old who, when I had to leave birthday lunch with her today because I felt myself 'hitting the wall' said, when I apologised later, 'no worries, you have to do what you have to do'. How encouraging for me to continue to be 'real' with her.

I have had guilt trips ('you really should', 'just push through it', 'come on, just get over it') sort of thing- that's less helpful (I would if I could, I promise)! It's just that I am abit like Snoopy.

(the back and white Snoopy pictures are from here)

My idea this year is to get into a bit of a bloggy routine and blog on Tuesdays and Fridays. I haven't got a great track record for 'routine' but change is possible! It's Saturday night, so obviously that plan is off to a great start.
Hopefully it wont be so long next time...


  1. Loving the header... all your apple fabrics.

    I'm sorry to hear about your energy levels. Do you have chronic fatigue or something similar? It must be wearisome trying to justify and explain yourself.

    Routine and structure can be a helpful thing, if the expectations and boundaries are gentle and sustainable... I hope you do get into the rhythm of blogging twice a week, not only the readers' enjoyment but for your own sense of accomplishment.

    xx Gina

  2. Sometimes I find it better not to try to tie myself to a routine as I then feel bad when I don't meet those 'goals'.
    Maybe say you will blog twice a week and if it ends up on the days specified great, but if not, that's OK too.
    I agree with your friend though - do what is right for you and put yourself first.
    Hope you feel brighter soon.

  3. Oh my! You are describing me almost to a tee, Tanya. How scary is that, but on the other hand really nice to know there are others out there too. I'm finding it helps to tell myself that it's ok to be this way sometimes and not beat myself up over it. I think it's a process I need to go through, and hope to not so much learn from, but work my way out of. If that makes sense? As long as I'm aware of what's happening and not using it as a crutch or excuse. Thanks for "baring your soul".

  4. feel better soon! i can't wait to see you next month and show you all the things I've made for Amy!!


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