Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The buzz

It's good, isn't it, when you get to tick something off your list, project completed. You (well, I, in this case) get the happy and proud buzz. I got it last night. I have been working on this quilt for a while. 

I decided it would be my project for Carolyn's January challenge 'Something for me' (which, I guess was meant to be finished in January). It had a few new challenges in it for me- making 'real bias' bias binding and sewing a curvy border. Okay for a first go, I reckon. Would have been better if the curve was symmetrical- I might have those perfectionists of you out there cringing (sorry about that). 

A lot of the fabrics are from the Urban Chicks '1974' range- I like that bright colours but muted sort of look. I also loved working with super Ric Rac for the first time. I spent ages quilting it. I like a bit of a scrunchy quilted look, so knew I would have to do a fair bit of quilting for that, I think I ended up over quilting the squares and under quilting the circle blocks. 

The pattern was inspired by one out of Homespun magazine sometime last year.
The other thing I did was finally send off my January swap for Crafty Mamas- the theme was 'a kit'. So I sent my lovely swap partner some stuff to make a couple of sock puppets, a panel for a shirred top/ dress or skirt and an oven mitt. She's moving soon, so will be looking for something to do (yeah, right!). It was good to get that posted, I had been procrastinating for ages.
I finished these napkins- not that we really use napkins but I like the idea of this fabric being a constant presence on my table. I think it's an echino (wonder if that's right) fabric in double gauze. So very soft and lovely.

So those are some of the things I have been up to. I haven't taken a photo of the tomatoes yet, but we like to do at least 52 fowlers bottles each year, allowing for 1 a week. So fare we have 34- I think we will be doing a bit more tomato processing on the weekend!


  1. you definitely have been busy Tanya!
    we are making sauce in the next couple of weeks, lasts us all year which is great.

  2. Hi Tanya,
    Interesting fabric choices for Camille Roskelley's 'Late Bloomer' quilt from Homespun. If you'd like to share it in the Readers' Showcase pages, please contact me on enewton@universalmagazines.com.au

  3. Just catching up on my reads after a family holiday then a family bout of gastro!

    I really like your quilt, it looks so fun. Well done for making something for yourself. I also LOVE your napkins. I have a small strip of that echino double gauze in black and was wondering what to use it for... its softness would work really well for napkins, great idea.

    Oh and I loved your last post. Your description of trying to explain blogs and bloggers to other friends is so accurate! Made me laugh.

  4. I adore your quilt. Love love love the fabrics. I also think it is a good thing that it isn't symetrical - if it were it might be mistaken for some mass produced quilt rather than the beautiful gem that you've produced with your two talent hands.
    Great stuff.
    ... did I mention that I really really really love it?


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