Sunday, April 8, 2012

Tradition, expansion!

As usual, the tradition continues...
I did a bake up for my neighbours on Good Friday...7 visits this year. 

The year the old man down the road wasn't home when we visited (me and Miss 9, who was keen on the 'dropping off') . So we left them on his table (it's the county!). He appeared in our driveway about 30 minutes later with chocolate easter eggs for us. I think he's about 93...he's lovely- he said 'you're a very kind lady Karen' (my names not Karen!). I told one of my other neighbours that he'd dropped in eggs, and she smiled and said he'd mentioned looking forward to my hot cross buns! Gosh (lucky it IS a tradition!)- I felt chuffed, but also sort of, confronted- if he looks forward to my yearly hot cross buns, well, I could be alot 'kinder' than that. I resolve to visit him more than annually with home baked treats. 

The helpers chipped in again. I love having a tradition that they are so willing to participate in. This year I also baked an extra 5 dozen and gave my workmates some too, the helpers were happy to join in the delivering of these ones as well, fussy around with brown paper bags.
I reckon we did 11 dozen 'wheaties' and 2 dozen 'gluten frees'.
And guess what happened to me this morning?
My 'down the road' neighbour, who had just come off night shift got busy making hot cross buns when she got home and brought some up for me for morning tea- I tell you, that was the nicest hot cross bun I have tasted this Easter! She uses my recipe, but hers taste better, which is a little bit rude, I think!

I hope whatever you've been up to this weekend, you've had some nice things happen to you.


  1. Oh that's so funny that your neighbour uses your recipe & they taste better, how does that happen!!?? We do that with our mother's recipes, have a taste off, we all must do something different??
    Bless your sweet elderly neighbour, you might just be the only sunshine he sees. I've called neighbours the wrong names, lucky we move all the time & he has about 60 years on me!!
    Happy Easter, i love your neighbourly tradition, bless you Tanya/ Karen, love Posie

  2. Lucky neighbours. Those hot cross buns look fantastic

  3. Wow...haven't you been busy lately! All that gorgeous home baking and preserving.... looks so delicious & fun! So looking forward to meeting in person this week!

  4. What a special tradition Tanya. Your neighbours are very lucky to have you as their neighbour.

  5. What a wonderful tradition. And so sweet of you to give them to your older neighbor. Your buns sure look delicious!

  6. Oooh they look delicious Karen, er, I mean, Tanya!


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