Sunday, April 22, 2012

The brown vest.

Ahhh, it's nice to sit down and type.
Means I can catch up with myself (anyone else ever feel like that?).
I have been enjoying the Autumn weather- so sunny, but crisp nights...I tell you what, I haven't been enjoying the mozzies- they are so little but gee, bzzzz in your ear is really annoying when you are trying to sleep.
I got out in the garden yesterday. I am abit of a 'wanna be' gardener, really. I do herbs- they are pretty hardy, but in recent years, that's been the extent of my domain in the garden. Until yesterday, when I planted a big patch of daffodils, I'm imagining a sea of yellow that will make me smile in Spring.
I've been sewing, been knitting- I'm not really a knitter but a new baby was on its way (his way, as we know now!) and I thought I would pick up the needles. I searched Ravelry for a vest pattern and found this free one It's very straightforward, all in one piece, little vest thing. I also bought a copy of the Milo vest pattern, but I think I will have to work up to that one- knitting in the round sounds daunting (but hey, so did invisible zips until earlier this week).

I sent it the day I heard the baby had been born, because I wasn't sure how many wears it would get otherwise, it was pretty little (quick to knit!). I used pure wool that hadn't been dyed, I don't know much about yarn, but it felt nice to knit with.
Modelled so elegantly by the 'baby doll'...

If I get off the computer I might just have time to finish off the bag I am working on, and still get a decent amount of sleep. I was making it for a present...but now I am not sure, it's really quite 'me' I think, and I haven't made myself anything for ages. I'm looking forward to finishing it, and showing you a photo...but that bit wont be tonight!


  1. That's pretty impressive knitting for someone who ins not a knitter!! Looking forward to seeing the bag too.

  2. I thought knitting in the round would be difficult too, it wasn't as hard as I thought and now I prefer patterns that are done that way. The vest looks lovely. Can't wait to see your finished bag. I have one on the go too, but it will have to wait as I'm doing kids clothes this week.

  3. That's a very cute vest! I think knitting in the round is something you either love or hate ... I'm in the hate camp, but I know loads of people who want to knit everything in the round!!

    Looking forward to seeing the bag!

  4. Very, Very Cute! I love a nice quick knit that can be used for a gift!

  5. It looks great:)
    I can help you with the Milo vest - thinking of heading towards you for a hair cut. Maybe we need to plan a weend of crafting somewhere since you are not going to SIT.

  6. Sweet. I had another go with the sticks last night... it is all unravelled again... I'm getting there. Ever so slowly. One day...


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