Sunday, April 29, 2012


See those quinces in my last post? This is what they look like now...
Turned to bottles waiting to be labelled. The white flecks are the old label that I haven't cleaned off well enough- funny how you only notice some things when you see them in a photo!
I took this bottle outside, hoping to catch the amazing red colour in the photo, but haven't quite succeeded. It's so pretty! I'm in love with quince jelly- it was so easy to make and its a bit of a 'win/ win' because you can eat it like jam, on toast or whatever, and serve it as a condiment. Tonight we had it with roast lamb- I was trying not to ration everyone's portions being the first day, and all (as in- NO- we don't need to eat the whole bottle in one sitting!) 
There are plenty more quinces where they came from and I'm thinking there will be more quince jelly as well.


  1. This is so amazing! I love quince jelly. And - who wouldn't want to it a whole bottle in one sitting;)

  2. 'The guy who lives here' used to tease me when I said the toddlers had cheese on toast with quince paste for lunch.
    Nothing wrong with teaching them to love good food early on I say.
    Love the colour Tan, even if it's not quite what you wanted to capture.

  3. I forgot to tell you how amazing this tasted on the weekend Tanya. Thanks so much for bringing it to share, what a weekend eh?


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