Sunday, July 18, 2010

Standing up

It's all stupid computers and dodgy photo goings on her. So just a few words tonight.

Do you stand up for what you believe in?

I am School Council President for my kids school and we are having such a frustrating time with the 'Building the Education Revolution' funding- that schools around the country have received or are in the process of receiving. Some of you will have heard about it.
I have been asking myself, 'do you accept what you have been offered' or go 'hang on, this doesn't seem right to me'. I/ We are doing the later. I wont bore you with all the details but I thought I finished protesting when I was finished with Uni- I feel abit old for all this!
I think it can be really hard to do what you think is right sometimes. It's easier to go with the flow- well, that's my natural instinct anyway.
I just think- how great for our school to be given so much money for buildings- let's make sure we get value for money and something appropriate and not waste it. I don't think we are being unreasonable in asking for a conversation about how this money is being spent on our school- and that is what I have to keep remembering, so I don't keep getting stressed and wetting my pants about it all!
Thanks for your ears. I feel better now!
I have been sewing and baking up a storm so lets hope that the camera uplaody thing works soon so I can do abit of showing and telling.


  1. You can borrow my ears on that one any old time – am ready to picket the bulldozers if it is decided we have 'too many' classrooms at our school and demolish for the sake of maintaining the 'quota'!

  2. I wish our school had stood up :( We are in the midst of some 'not quite what we needed or asked for' not to mention very expensive renovations. The schedule has been thrown out the window, our kids are stuck in tiny portables whilst the 'works' drag on and on and on and our council/principal seem powerless to do anything! Stand up and fight I say Tanya, I hope you get a better deal than we did.

  3. Its terrible isn't it. Our school has had to effectively knock down eight classrooms to get four in return???? Years ago when the numbers dropped the knocked out walls and made two rooms into one so the four classes had huge working areas, it was great. Yes the buildings were old but the kids had lots of room. It would have been great to keep at least one sections for a dedicated computer/music/science or whatever room. Very wasteful. One of the buildings was also the original school building I don't understand why it couldn't have been saved. A lot of the older residents of the town attended it. Sad isn't it.

  4. Who better to decide how the money is spent than the people who form part of the school community?
    What do the beurocrats know of your school's particular needs?
    Go Tanya!!
    Give 'em what for!!

  5. Yeah - fight Tanya (as long as it doesn't stress you out too much) Community development should be for the community and decided by the community.
    Good to read your experiences and others in the comments. Sounds like a real disaster.


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