Sunday, July 4, 2010

In April I signed up for Carolyn's challenge- to make something lined.
I have an Aunty who likes to make up appropriate names for the driver,  from the three letters in number plates. Apparently the number plate of my first car will never be topped.
It was IBL. I drove into her drive in that car for the very first time and she shrieked with laughter (I wouldn't be surprise if she had tears running down her face actually). When she could speak, all she could say was "I'LL BE LATE"- before some more shrieking. 
Apparently it's fitting.
Anyway, I digress- I am showing you what I made for Carolyn's (ahem) April challenge!
I like this fabric and was happy to make something which would sit out, under my constant gaze. I made an overlocker cover and a machine cover, which I didn't get a photo of. 
Why I lined them I have no idea. 


  1. i need to try making one of those!
    I am signed up to a postcard swap & still haven't sent it...ooops...IBL

    keep warm Tan ♥

  2. I LOVE that fabric - would have made a nice skirt! I think I need some sewing lessons at some point - hoping Jane will give me some tips the next few days...

  3. If it's ok with you and Aunty, I'll be adopting the IBL in everyday conversation as from now!

  4. I have a friend with the number plate SOB - I don't think of crying when I read this - rather a not too polite phrase for someone you don't like much.
    My friend is actually a very nice guy - despite his number plate!
    Nice job on the lining - great cover(s),

  5. I can't work out how to change that email setting....

  6. hey Tanya,
    I made a sewing machine cover, thanks for the inspiration!!
    glad the cupcakes were saved, enjoy the week!

  7. Great idea... I'd like to make a cover for my overlocker. I'm feeling all inspired.

  8. I'm into lining at the moment as a way to use up twice as much fabric (especially those fabrics I wonder why I ever bought!)


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