Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Some sewing

After doing a quick flick through my most recent posts (and by recent, I am using the term rather broadly!) I realised that not enough of my sewing is making it onto here, and you may be forgiven for thinking I like the garden more than the craft room.
In December we were lucky enough to have this little one join our family. How fun to have a new niece to sew for.

I made her this top- I'd forgotten how little babies are and I was misguided in thinking it might fit her for Christmas...this is several months later. It's an Ottobre pattern which I have used before and really like...can't quite remember which issue (edited to add- it's 1/2009, design 7)- but if you want to know leave a comment and I will hunt it out.

And here's the quilt I made her. 
I had 'instructions' so was slightly nervous that it wouldn't be what was hoped for. 

I also realised that I'd be a crap artist if I had to do commission pieces for a living!
Below is the back. Hmm, could've made an effort with the iron, couldn't I!

 The thing I like most about this quilt is the ruffle- I was playing with my new ruffler foot.


  1. Love it Tan. I have a little boy around the corner who just turned 3 who I pretend is my nephew...

  2. Cute top Tanya, love the greens in that quilt too.

  3. What a cute quilt Tanya! I love the ruffle too -- babies love things they can feel -- so clever. And I love that cute little pig print in there too! ;-D

  4. This is gorgeous Tan - I love the ruffle too - aren't the ruffler feet fun!


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