Friday, August 2, 2013

Last November, at craft camp...

More sewing I did ages ago but which has only just been 'grown into to'- it's much nicer to show you photos with Little Miss A modelling them.

This is another Ottobre pattern- from the 4/2011 edition, design number 6. There is a dress version as well.
It was really easy to sew up, not many pieces and some feature shirring around the neckline- I love shirring! 

I made these at Sewjourn last November- maybe next year I will show you what I made at Sewjourn in May!
I remember I didn't know if I was getting a niece or a nephew at that stage- now we have this lovely girl in our lives.  Also, with this pattern, I got to play with my friend's fun and fancy snap press gizmo to make nappy access easy along the inner leg seam. 

Oh- and on a totally different topic- if you have a good internet connection, and you take it for granted, please take a moment today to appreciate it, on my behalf! I love blogging and would love to do it more, but when I get to my computer, stuff around with our slow and inconsistent internet trying to upload photos...well, it causes me much frustration and grumpiness- which makes it not as fun as it could be! One day we might get broadband the meantime, I suspect I will continue with my irregular updates!


  1. I'm the same with my sewjourn makes. Just love seeing your cute sewing in action too!

  2. Thankyou so much for the gorgeous pressie that arrived today Tan! Such a super lovely surprise.
    Cam x

  3. Lovely outfit, especially on such a little sweetie!

  4. Oh that outfit and the wearer are so cute - doesn't it seem like not that many years ago our kids were small - where did those cute babies go...
    The shirring is very nice Tan.


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