Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Around the grounds

I have been doing sewing, but I haven't had my camera out in the sewing department. I have however, had a bit of a walk around the garden with my camera so I can give you a colourful update about what's going on there...

How delightful and unusual for us to still have several sunflowers in our garden on the 3rd day of Winter. It's such a treat- these self seeded and I remember thinking "there's no way they will flower, but I am not pulling them out- just in case". Hooray for just in case!

In the past few days this tress has totally lost it's leaves- so now it's a leafless deciduous tree with a whole lot of bright, big orange persimmons on it. Also good on the 'cheer up factor' for the winter garden. The chooks are loving sharing the persimmon fruit this year- it makes me smile to watch them jump surprisingly high to peck at a soft one.
Several of our pomegranates have split this year. I'll need to keep an eye on them to make sure they aren't going mouldy or anything- in the meantime, the split ones are fun because various members of the family pinch a few seeds every time they walk past (again, including the chooks). I like doing that because it feels really healthy- like I am eating 'living food'. I had a go at making pomegranate molasses. Not sure what I'll use it for yet, but it looks amazing, deep red and quite thick. I juiced four pomegranates and added a bit of sugar and then reduced it over a few hours. The yield was less that 100 mils (because I wanted it syrupy)- so it's waiting for a pretty special occasion! 
The crab apples remain on the tree. They are on my 'to do' list. I'm keen to make crab apple jelly...there's a few other things on my list before I get there though.
We have had a bumper crop of all our brassicas this year. Above is the kale going crazy, below is at least 10 cabbages which I made into sauerkraut shortly after the photo was taken. I am having a bit of 'fad' for sauerkraut at the moment. Maybe it's my exchange student roots, or just wishing I was in Europe right now!

I love the idea of eating seasonally, I love growing our own food, but I tell you what, I have had my fill of cauliflowers and broccoli and trying to be creative with serving it...the ridiculous thing is, as soon as it's gone, I will quickly forget the overdose and have a bit of a hankering for it- just because it's no longer there.
Happy Winter.


  1. Love all that produce student hey...we must have that conversation in November. Love the persimmon tree. Wish I had room for one of those. My medlar brings lots of autumn and winter joy.

  2. Wow, what a fantastic veg, fruit garden Tan. Love that you can eat seasonally, I'd love to do that. We will get into gear at some stage and plant our veg garden properly! Counting down to Nov. already....

  3. When I saw the sunflower I had to check the date of your post, I thought I'd mistakenly stumbled across and old one - amazing to have them at this time of year!
    The rest of the garden is looking great too, our veggies are growing but so, so slow.


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