Monday, February 4, 2013


This post is inspired by Thimbleanna, who showed us her new quilt recently- after  playing in the snow taking photos of it...

over this side of the world, this is how powerful our sun has been...
 Dried apricots- picked off the tree, cut in half and left out in the sun to dehydrate for a couple of days

same goes for our white peaches
and these were the surprise package of the season, dried cherries. We haven't done them before, they didn't take as long to dry and they are amazing- intense little mouthfuls of flavour. We will definitely do these next year.

Mr. Apple did most of these (I claim credit for the cherries!) , he's great at preserving. He cut the fruit in half, literally left it on our picnic table outside- no netting, nothing. In other years we have had birds have a bit of a go at the fruit as it was drying, but not this year. Ants weren't a problem either- maybe 8 days over 40 degrees (104 F) was too hot for the pests as well as me!
The apricots are quite a brown colour, not that pretty. Commerical dried apricots have sulphur and other things on them to keep their lovely orange colour, we choose not to do that- they might not look that pretty but the flavour is all there! These will be used in baking and school lunches and I reckon we have done enough to last until next season.
Now it's all about nectarines and plums and the last of the peaches at our place. 


  1. Oh wow!
    I can only imagine the deliciousness.
    It really hasn't been that hot here at all.
    One day over 35 in a week, every week.
    Hope your apples are looking good. x

  2. Thanks for the sunshine - I don't think we've seen the sun in a week LOL! I'm so impressed - I dudn't know you could dry fruit just by laying it out - very interesting!!!

  3. (excuse the typos - new keyboard!). ;-D

  4. I too had no idea you could dry fruit like that. The cherries would be amazing I bet.

  5. Mmm, how wonderful! I haven't been able to find an economical source for dried apricots minus the sulphur, which is such a pity. My husband reacts to the supermarket ones - they set off his asthma. I've also mostly stopped buying supermarket dried fruits because I've found the majority of them are imported, mostly from China :(
    I bet the "real" dried fruits taste amazing.

  6. Yum!!! I want to live at your place!


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