Saturday, July 28, 2012


That thing has happened again, where I accidentally get all caught up with the stuff of life (more on that later!)  and neglect my blogging space... which is a bit of a shame because, it shows (rather publicly) that  I have a bit of an 'all or nothing tendency  and, possibly get distracted easily. By the way, the accidentally link was just a special treat for those of you who like to follow links...oh, okay, here's another one).

Having said that, about exposing myself, my inconsistencies...well, it's okay, I'm okay with that, because I have had a 'significant' birthday, and whilst I didn't wake up wise, mature and content (that was abit disappointing!)- I do believe I am 'growing into myself'. I feel like I have been getting better at embracing- liking even, who I am, and also that I am better at some things that others-and (to my shock)- that's okay. I did feel a bit disappointed when I realised that tidiness, quick thinking and decisiveness (among other things) might always be things I don't 'master', but with that knowledge in hand I can go a bit easier on myself and try and develop some strategies to assist me in those areas. At the same time, I also realised I might find some things easier than others. I'm not sure if I should be embarrassed writing that- is that stuff common knowledge? Not everyone is good at everything and that's okay- it was a revelation to me! My sister in law said 'Happy 40th birthday- welcome to your best decade yet'. She said it's been her best decade yet because she is more comfortable in her own skin, and I hope to continue to head to that place.

Oops, wrong picture. This was my 5th hair cut- obviously during the game of 'hairdressers' with my brother, I was the 'customer'. There was no rock chick or bogan option for me, I think I just looked like a boy...not helped by the orange plaid 'slacks' which look like they were made out of a blanket or the neck strangling skivvy...although I am sure the crocheted vest would have been rather 'on trend'. 
Thanks Mum, wonder why my smile isn't wider...maybe I hated that girly pink cake...I love it now though. I really wanted my girl to chose a 'dolly varden' cake one year, but I think,sadly, I have missed my opportunity. This year she was pretty happy with this cake...I was too actually, it was fun to make and not too tricky, although I did try to make 'meringue butter cream icing' and totally stuffed that up- I googled a recipe and in retrospect, think it had way to much butter in it because it  ended up very yellow and buttery and I ditched it and reverted to my standard buttercream icing.
My lovely neighbour and friend Corina knew I was a bit keen on the Dolly Varden, and she turned up on my doorstep in time for birthday morning tea with this:
My other neighbour and friend Annie, turned up with a chocolate and orange cake (one of my fave flavour combinations) so I felt pretty spoilt. 
I wanted to acknowledge this 'milestone by embracing the people I love and who love me. In a world that seems so busy- particularly at this time of the year  (fruit tree season) my 'people' are what are most important to me and I want to have time for them. What has ended up happening, which has been pretty lovely is that I am catching up with small groups of friends here and there over 'birthday month'- that suits me better because it means I am not overwhelmed and get to enjoy good conversations in a less intense setting than a party. 
The whole thing- turing 40, thinking about, and hanging out with 'my people' - has made me feel extremely thankful for the beautiful, kind, fun, generous, thoughtful friends and  family I have in my life- and creative of course, just look at that cake- and this.
Funnily enough I don't think I got any 'birthday photos' of me- until I hung out with a few of my 'bloggy friends' last week- a camera was produced over dinner- any bloggers surprised? More about that, and some other thoughtfulness, later- and now that I remember how much I enjoy hanging out here at Apple and Tangerine, I suspect it won't be too much later!


  1. Well happy, happy birthday Missus. Welcome to the 40s, it is a fun place to be.

  2. Happy belated birthday. They say life begins at 40. I hope they're right.

  3. A very happy birthday to you Tan, a thoughtful and thought provoking post, I have found the forties to be a comfortable time within myself, but I'm going to "arrive" in my fifty's. I think you are fantastic and have a lot of wisdom. I enjoy talking to you, and hope that I can be one of 'your people'

  4. So glad you will be hanging out here more Tan, I do enjoy your posts.
    I love that dolly garden cake, I've always wanted one of those.
    You are such a serious little birthday girl, and I adore your pants!

  5. Ah, look ever so lovely in that orange crochet vest and plaid pants! I love dropping by your space every now and then for a great read (we have a very dodgy internet connection at our house - almost as bad as dial-up - hard to believe in this techno world we are so far behind the times!) Although I'm already in my 40's I feel I've recently been shedding my skin and I'm looking forward to getting more comfortable in the new one over the coming months/years. I plan on dropping by more often to say hi! C xx


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