Tuesday, June 5, 2012

MIssed it by that much...would you believe...that much?

So, you may know that CurlyPops had a 'Make it in May' Skirt challenge...I did make it in May. Just wasn't so good at blogging it in May!
Both of these skirts were made at Sewjourn. Arrhh. Sewjourn. It was only a few weeks ago but seems far too long ago. What a great weekend with a group of champion women. I don't think my machine has been in action since. 

This patten is from 'Sew U'  by Wendy Mullin. It's a basic pattern which I enjoyed sewing. I called it my "year 7 textiles' skirt- in an affectionate way. The above photo is the fun facing, which I am sure will make me smile when I put it on! 

I also whipped up another really simple skirt that I will wear to work; think- two bits of fabric shaped kind of straight skirt shape sewn together at the sides, with an elastic waistband casing added at the top. It's a bit of a dodgy photo, but I was trying to show you the really nice fabric it's made out of- it's embroidered and quite heavy and has a bit of a stretch. 

Let me know if you can't see the photos, I am having 'technical issues'...
Edited to add: The photos seem to have totally gone missing from cyber space and I have no idea how to get them back. I think I will stick with Photobucket, because I get how that works!


  1. Both great looking skirts, Tanya!

    You did better than me. My skirt was thought about and repeatedly put off during May and made in a hurry last weekend (but still not hemmed!!).

  2. Yay. Love them both, especially the year 7 sewing one. Polka dots on the inside are always a winner.

    I *still* haven't finished mine. So slow with the sewing at the moment... I have changed the overlocker thread colour now though... so another step closer to finishing.

  3. Fantastic Tanya! I love the spotty facing - totally cute and it'll make you smile every time you put it on.

  4. Yeah Tanya, they both look great, but I loved that heavy no pattern one, just because it had no pattern. Had a lovely weekend with you again.

  5. Would you believe a boy scout with a water pistol...!

    A little splash of colour to make you smile is always fun.
    I didn't get any skirts made so you are two ahead of me.

  6. Hi Tan, loving those spots and the bag from your previous post!Sewjourn sounds like a great weekend everytime I hear you gals talk about it. Should stop blog stalking and get my own craft on! C xxx


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