Monday, July 30, 2012


Nearly August (gosh, and isn't it appropriate to say "where is the year going?"!).

Do you know what August is? It's Cams "Choose your own bag adventure sew along", I don't mind abit of pressure accountability in the sewing department. Like in May, I said I would make a skirt...and I did. I didn't manage to blog about it in May, but I certainly did come up with the goods. 
This time round,my friend Delwyn is thinking about joining in...yey Del. 

A group sew along is fun and a time line often works quite well with me (any pressure is self imposed  because there are no rules...well, I assume Ms. CurlyPops won't be going after anyone with a big stick). 
You see, otherwise I can quite easily get stuck at this stage
procrastinating about patterns...or this stage
Auditioning fabric...folding and refolding and well, just generally patting and enjoying fabric!
But no, a bag sew along, was it? Okay, well, I'll be onto that...

(I don't know why this photo keeps coming out upside down...but i am an 'overall effect' girl rather than a perfectionist, I'm afraid so I am not wasting any more time faffiing around in Photobucket trying to fix it)

Anyway, what I am getting at is that in 30 minutes I have gone from narrowing down pattern (I am doing a City Bag and if I am really energetic I might get a large tote/ satchel done in August as well but I am not going to make any big statements), I have narrowed down the fabric and done a bit of a rough cut- and put away the bits I won't need (amazing).

Loving myself sick here- can you tell? Well, until Mr. Apple comes out and says..."reckon your cake would be ready by now?". Oops. Yep, it would have been ready half an hour ago if I hadn't been oh so efficiently getting on with bag making preparation!
And, in true 'choose your own adventure' style I am going to decide on which direction to take with the straps when I get up to that bit.

By the way, who knows what people are talking about when they say "kitchen table business"? I am tipping it's not grafting fruit trees that they are suggesting should be done on ones kitchen table...I would tend to agree.


  1. I was the same in may...I made the skirt but forgot to join in exactly. Now...der...I'm making the bag...perhaps I should join in this time. I had the same fun interviewing the fabrics

  2. So funny Tanya. I've been wondering if I should make the City Bag or a Satchel Bag for Kane's birthday. I hope that cake is okay

  3. I'll be watching with interest!! :)

  4. Heh, heh. I didn't get that skirt made at all so you are ahead of me.

    But this bag is going to get done.

  5. The City Bag is one of my favourite bag patterns. Can't wait to see how yours turns out!

  6. You're too funny. Can't wait to see your progress!


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