Sunday, October 2, 2011


The hexagon got finished a while ago, but I handed it over before taking any photos. I visited it (well, it's new owner, really) last week and pulled out the camera for a bit of a snap.
Hexagon quilts are really hard to photograph...

The front is quite 'scrappy' and the back is also piece with the more muted 'Dick and Jane' range.
The pattern is from Anna Maria Horner's baby book  and it's called 'Sixth times a charm'...I didn't do the method she suggested but used her photo for inspiration and kind of winged it.

This quilt was made for a very special  baby, long awaited and much loved...and very very cute xx


  1. Wow there looks like a lot of work in that!
    Love the back!

  2. Oooh Tan - that's nice - can't even contemplate how you would go about making all those little lines and pieces match up.
    Great gift - nothing better than hand made love.

  3. It is a very very very gorgeous quilt. Super special for sure.

  4. This is a beautiful quilt, Tanya. Can't believe you gave it way!!!

    I've just finished my first attempt at patchwork working with very simple squares and I found it so hard to get everything lined up ... no idea where to begin with something like this hex quilt (but I guess I'd better get on top of patchwork squares first, right?!)


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