Saturday, September 17, 2011

Citrus season

Our citrus trees are full on at the moment, one particular orange tree is my favourite. 
Ages ago, I got a bit inspired to make marmalade
 and this lot of mandarins, tangelos, lemons, and oranges turned into quite a few of these
there are considerably less jars now than when I first made them, two people in this household are particularly fond of marmalade, it would seem!
I like making jam and preserves, I like that the abundance of the season can be spread over the year. I still have quite a few blackberries in the freezer from Summer, I have been adding them to cakes, muffins and smoothies throughout the year. This year we didn't bottle enough tomatoes to last us the whole year and now we've run out. I don't like having to buy tinned tomatoes, doesn't feel quite right.


  1. That takes me back to some childhood memories ... my Mum always used to make the most fantastic marmalade. I'll have to try making some this winter. Hope you enjoy yours - how fantastic to have your own citrus trees!!

  2. Tinned tomatoes taste like tin! I'm with you. I bottle STACKS over summer, enough to last the year. We go blackberry picking around Mount Macedon here in Melbourne and freeze those too but blackberry jam is the fave here.

  3. Oh, I LOVE a good preserving season, and I LOVE good marmelade.

    The girleen and I picked lots of lemons today, which will become lemon butter (curd) at the next avaiable opportunity!

  4. Yum -- your marmalade looks wonderful. I LOVE making jam -- it's a little ray of sunshine in the winter!


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