Tuesday, October 4, 2011


The lost wristlet was eventually found, I had left it at my friends house, and I eventually reclaimed it.

The lost mobile phone was never found and I eventually bought a new one. I wasn't sure, I was umming and ahhing about whether I needed one. I think I said that before here.
I got one that does tricks (it's smart apparently). I have used the phone a couple of times and realise I like the extra bit of security of having it there, especially if I am driving. I also like texting and email access...not that that is necessarily a good thing! The 11 year old also doesn't mind the odd phone call to the mobile to find out when I might be home from work, whether I can please buy some gluten free cereal on the way home- important things like that. Sadly for him (sometimes) I am not a great phone answerer at the best of times and I still haven't learnt my way around mobile phone etiquette.
If my phone rings and I am at work, do I answer it?  and what about if I am in a parent teacher interview at school?- I am embarrassed to admit that I did answer my phone during the parent teacher interview, mainly because my phone never rings and it was a local friend so thought it may have been an 'emergency'- no, she just wanted to know if I wanted her to bring me a 'real' coffee home from town! I am still not great at ringing mobiles either- what if I am interrupting someone? Some of my friends only have a mobile now, so I have to get over that, you know, get with the times!

More about the wristlet...I am sad to report that it's "old sewing", I did have my machine out the other day but not much got done. I think I have a bit of a mental block about what to sew, hasn't really happened to me before, or at least, for ages. My crafty friends came out on Sunday night and while both of them nearly whipped up a whole quilt top, I, umm, sorted stuff out...which was good to do but not very creative!

I do love this little wristlet, and I do love how in Nikki's book she builds on projects, so when I show you my next project from the book (which is soooo close to finished I should just do it!), you will recognise some aspects of this little wristlet- she steps you into techniques gradually, I like that. 
In fact, I have recently heard Nikki being called a genius


  1. Love the wristlet, glad to hear you found it.
    My phone sounds similar to yours - running around the bottom of the bag and not usually answered. Most people know that if its important and they want me - keep ringing until one of the kids answers it.
    Have I told you how much I love that book! I made the zippered pouches the other day - quick, easy and fun. Love them.
    Looking forward to seeing your next creation.

  2. Really pleased you found the wristlet, Tanya ... and it looks great! Guess you're making the city shopper next!?! Hope that's going well - I haven't tried it yet (it's a bit on the large side for me I think, but ti may be a good present for someone sometime!)

  3. Yay for the find and I too feel unsure as to when to answer my mobile but then it rings so infrequently that I rarely have to worry.

    I am getting quite excited as I know there is a copy of Nikki's book coming my way in the next month or so. Again - Yay!

  4. Ditto on the phone thing. My friends know not to bother ringing it. (Email me anytime, call the landline, forget the mobile!).

    It's great to see the finished wristlet (glad it was found) and thanks for the lovely rap!!

  5. Yep - she is a genius - she makes me able to sew things I never thought I would be able to!
    Sorting things is sometimes just what you need before you tackle the next project, I find it very therapeutic and it helps clear my mind about what I have and what I want to do next. (so does writing a list)...


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