Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Things in common

I spent a wonderful few hours at one of Kate's favourite places in this city, the other day.
Chicago Botanic Gardens.
From my short visit, I got the impression they were doing some pretty interesting things.

I was reminded of another Kate and her soil fella. I live with a soil fella too.  I saw these things at the garden and they made me smile and think fondly of my soil fella and home.

Bee boxes in the apple orchard area.

Some things are the same the world over, people are growing vegies and caring for their soil.

Some things are very, very different though...


  1. There is nothing like home grown vegetables - snow peas are the best, nice and juicy unlike shop bought ones.
    Jen & Row

  2. it is looking great. personally i like it very much.

  3. Hahaha -- glad you could see a big goofy turkey on your visit! Are you home yet? Hope you've had a fantastic trip!!!

  4. That is one scary turkey! (amongst all that lovely soil stuff).

  5. Looks like a great garden.
    You must be well and truly back in oz by now... I'm looking forward to reading more of your adventures... hint hint!

  6. hey Tan, thought about you & just wanted to say hello, are you back?
    hope you had a great christmas.
    many hugs & happiness for the new year ♥


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