Thursday, October 14, 2010

Purple is the new black...

In my world, anyway.
I bought some thermals to take to Chicago with me- in 5 weeks (I know, Kate, you told me I wouldn't need them- but I am keen to at least try and go outside!).
Pure wool, made in Australia. Lovely. Creamy colour. Not lovely. I know- it's underwear so who cares, but I am thinking, leggings poking out beneath my black pants (rather than my cream underwear).
So I thought I would dye them black. I didn't want to make the water too hot though, weary of felting my new (rather expensive) long johns! It did cross my mind that it might be tricky to try and dye wool black and I was interested to see what I got.
Purple. It doesn't look like it in the photo but it is actually a nice even dye.
I did have a rather odd conversation with Mr. A about it though.
"I tried to dye my thermals black and they went purple"
"Oh. Cool"
"Yeesss. I am happy with that"
I am just not sure how he knew it would be "cool"!


  1. 5 weeks!! Great timing with the dollar so strong too! xox

  2. That is too funny! I think purple is cooler than black as well!! I like the rpevious comment about the much for my advice that the Aussie dollar won't ever make parity with the US.....looks like we will be equal by next week!!
    Love Tanxx

  3. How exciting... your trip is almost here!!! YAY! ... and yes - isn't the aussie dollar doing some wonderful things just in time for your trip.
    Loving the purple thermals ... you'll be trendy toasty and warm!

  4. Hi there. Thanks for commenting about my bag! Cute blog. I'm loving the purple dye too - much more exciting than black!

  5. so much better than creamy!!! How lucky are you with the $A fantastical!


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