Saturday, October 9, 2010

Prairie Girl

Maybe I just bought this pattern for the name- Prairie Girl. Sounds fun and carefree to me! No really, I liked the content as well. This was some of my school holiday sewing and she loves it. The pattern was pretty easy to follow and I am happy with the dress.
Although my friend suggested that she's too young for this style because it has a high waistline and it sort of gathered under the bust and she is 8 (and has no 'bust'). I didn't have a problem with it until she said that but now I am abit doubtful. Miss A loves it -she picked the fabric (I was happy to get a bit of Sandi Henderson's 'Henna Garden' in for the sleeves, tie and that middle bit- okay, in the pattern it's called a 'dickie'- who knew?!).

The way she is standing  posing in this photo does make the bodice look abit ill fitting...hmmm, maybe it's just abit big. I am open to suggestions.
I really love it when my children love wearing clothes I have made them.
I remember hating being dressed in 'home made clothes'. And, (embarrassing confession) once insisted that my mother embroider two little 'Hang Ten' (cool brand at the time) feet on a jumper she made when I was in Grade 5. In retrospect, they were so wonky, obviously a home made rip off, but I was pretty chuffed!


  1. Ooh, cute! I've only made the top, yours look great! I think it's meant to be loose and not too fitting, as long as she's comfy and wear it, hey? Yay for home made clothes!

  2. I too remember those times when I had to wear the clothes my mum made for me. They never quite turned out the way I wanted them. But I love Miss A's dress. I'm sure she feels quite grown up in it. Have great weekend. Vreni x

  3. At the risk of being a pedantic bore.... a dickie is a false front on a shirt, usually worn under a tuxedo. The panel between otherwise gaping bust panels is usually just called something like a "modesty panel".

    See? I'm a pedantic bore.

    Anyway. Love your fabric choices, and if the girl will wear it, it's a bonus. My girl has just decided that she "only wants to wear leggings and little dresses". Ummmm.... what about those 7 pairs of Dortje cords I just made, at her request? I can give them to another kid, apparently.....


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