Sunday, May 9, 2010

Big day out

This isn't intended to be a Mother's day post, but before I start I would like to give a special thought  to any of you who are not mothers; who would like to be, or hope to be mothers. it can be a very hard day. I remember.

It's coming to the end of Mother's Day and writing on my blog is quite a 'self nuturing' activity for me. So, if Mother's Day is all about mothers I am very happy to end it thinking and writing in 'my space'. I need to remember that to be in the best possible place to parent I need to be in a good place within myself- so I can enjoy my children not resent those (sometimes constant) needs for attention, conversation, interaction, etc. - the need for a relationship with their mother!
The ol' 'I have to care for myself so I am able to care for others' thing. Not always what comes naturally, I find.

Onto the Big Day Out - Look who I got to spend the day with yesterday- Kellie of 'Don't Look Now!' fame.
I did a one day workshop which of course wasn't long enough, but gee, it was good. Kellie was a slave driver  (!) an enthusiastic teacher who was very generous with her knowledge and very genuine and natural in her approach. Whilst also being awe inspiring with her amazing work (we got to see them in the flesh and photos just don't do these works justice) and professional (she didn't laugh at my attempts and was very encouraging!). Kellie, thanks for a really great day, it was well worth it for me.

The idea is that you stitch very very close to the applique shape edges..hmmm, as my childs teacher says 'practice makes progress'
These are some of Kellie's beautiful pieces- can you see that machine quilting? oooh ahhhh.

More lovliness.

I reckon I know what I will be doing next Saturday at 'Sew it Together' , drawing applique shapes onto 'Lite steam a seam 2'! I also might take some Ottobre mags to trace some patterns out of. My to do list is growing, this is it without thinking too much about it:
Belt for Mason and Lauren (shut your eyes mothers of those two, in case you read this!)
Leggings for Annie
PJ's for Annie and Jack
Tunic top for Annie
Dresses for Amy and Mhairi
Way overdue pot holder for Helen. Sorry Helen, I haven't forgotten.

These things are on the fun list, as opposed to the needed to Winter clothes or presents list;
Finish wavy quilt
Finish slippers
Start a new Kellie 'project'
Start a hand pieced hexagon quilt (well, my kids have started playing sport, so I anticipate that sitting and watching (stitching) time.

Actually, it's true, a trouble shared is a trouble halved- this was troubling me a bit- how to move forward with a massive to do list, now that it's out there, doesn't look too massive. BREATHE...


  1. ohhh wow, those creations are amazing.
    sounds like an amazing workshop, no wonder you were so excited about it.
    as for the mum thing, well, kids do like to take alot out of us & really can get exhausting, but the way see it, I wanted them here & I appreciate that I do have them & try to be as best parent as I can be whilst remembering that I am still human & need a little bit of down time aswell.
    give yourself a pat on the back because I can tell you are a pretty fantastic mum & sweet person aswell Tanya.
    hugs to you ♥

  2. You're absolutely right when you write of the importance of looking after ourselves so that we can care for others. So easy to pay lip service to and so much trickier to actually do, and then at times almost impossible to do and not feel guilty!!!
    My struggles with caring for myself led me into sewing - at last I had found something that inherently cared for me by allowing me to express myself creatively and no guilt because the output is so often for the family or our friends.
    As for "to do lists" mine is out of control as well. Little bit my little bit I will get there - as will you. Breathe!!!

  3. What a great post Tanya! Than YOU for a great day! It was lovely to meet you and do make sure you keep practicing & I would love to see your 'Kellie' projects!!! LOL!!!!!!
    Enjoy your week!

  4. Kellie truly is a gem!
    Looking forward to seeing you knock off some of your to-do list next Saturday (and maybe sharing a cuppa and a bikkie).
    Andi x

  5. Kellie is a wonderful person isnt she. I just love her creations too!

  6. Wow - all so beautiful and so clever!
    Lovely to see another to do list as long as mine ....

  7. Aren't you lucky to have had the chance to take a Kellie workshop. Judging from the photos, it must have been amazing.

  8. Glad you enjoyed your workshop. The stencil workshop was great and pretty simple (you basically use contact paper). Looking forward to meeting you next Saturday, have a safe journey down. Toni

  9. Great that you did a class with Kellie...what an Inspiration she is I just love her work....Enjoy your Stitching Weekend.

  10. Piddling! Your list I mean. Especially the bits that involve 'finishing' stuff. I couldn't show you mine, it would bring on too much embarrassment. But I do want to be looking over your shoulder at SIT next week...

  11. Those quilts are gorgeous! Done with a BSR I suppose?

  12. Love the birds, oh, and the fussy cut tulips if thats what they are.
    Great post regarding Mothers Day reminding us in a small way that its not a happy day for some.
    Take care of yourself most definitely. Its not all roses over here at textured leaf central. I have woken up with a cold from pushing myself too hard, so....
    Perhaps a sewing week together from afar is appealing to you when things calm down? Ill probably still be going. (my mending pile consists of three red white and blue bags full to their bulging zippers, shhhh). Cant remember if you said these next two weeks are your busiest?
    Let me know! :)


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